Section VI of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlines what is not against law and policy at The University of Texas at Austin. Before you report what you believe is a violation, please review the AUP carefully.
If you believe that your personal safety is threatened, call the UT Police at 471-4441.
For computer security incidents, please send e-mail to the Information Security Office (ISO) at so they can ensure it is handled by the appropriate university office.
  • Reporting a virus: If you are reporting a virus, please include the complete e-mail headers. Instructions for extracting e-mail headers in most popular e-mail clients are in the managing spam pages.
  • Reporting spam or phishing e-mail: Please report all samples to the UT Postmaster ( or use the "Report" button in your Outlook app so that the campus mail defenses can be tuned accordingly.
For stolen computers, please complete the Stolen Equipment Report form after you have made your police report.