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Section VI of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlines what is not against law and policy at The University of Texas at Austin. Before you report what you believe is a violation, please review the AUP carefully.
If you believe that your personal safety is threatened, call the UT Police at 471-4441.
For computer security incidents, please send e-mail to the Information Security Office (ISO) at security@utexas.edu so they can ensure it is handled by the appropriate university office.
  • Reporting a virus: If you are reporting a virus, please include the complete e-mail headers. Instructions for extracting e-mail headers in most popular e-mail clients are in the managing spam pages.
  • Reporting spam or phishing e-mail: Please report all samples to the UT Postmaster (postmaster@utexas.edu) so that the campus mail defenses can be tuned accordingly.
For stolen computers, please complete the Stolen Equipment Report form after you have made your police report.
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