Avast (Windows & macOS)
For personally owned Windows or macOS computers, the free online Avast anti-virus software is recommended.
Ad-hoc Analysis
If you want to take a closer look at a suspicious file to determine if it might be malicious, you might consider using VirusTotal.  VirusTotal offers various tools and integrations for analyzing potentially malicious files, URLs, hashes, etc.

Faculty & Staff

The ISO provides anti-virus protection for Windows, Mac and Linux systems owned by the University of Texas at Austin. Please contact your local IT Support Staff for help setting up your computer.
Cisco Secure Endpoint & Microsoft Defender (PC | Mac | Linux)
Cisco Secure Endpoint can be used on university-owned systems at no cost. It is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The Information Security Office considers Cisco Secure Endpoint an effective malware protection tool.  Additionally, university-owned systems are able to use Microsoft Defender at no added cost on laptops and desktops. There currently is an added cost for servers and Linux deployments.