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This page contains links to information about UT Austin regulations concerning "spam."
For restrictions on use of addresses in the UT Austin Directory, see the FAQ "May I send unsolicited or commercial e-mail to addresses from this directory?"
The documents below are only for authorized use by the UT Austin Information Security Office or Office of Legal Affairs. The policies are published online for your information.
Procedure used when a site has been blocked from access for sending alleged spam and the person has objected to being blocked. {{MS Word version for authorized use.}}
Cover letter included with records when e-mail address records are requested through an open records request. {{MS Word version for authorized use.}}
Official "cease and desist" notice to be sent by a University officer such as a dean, director, department head, Legal Affairs, President or Vice-Presidents' Offices, and Internal Audits. {{MS Word version for authorized use.}}
Important: A copy of any such notice should be sent to the Information Security Office at abuse@utexas.edu or at:
Information Security Office
FAC 205, Campus Mail Code: G9805
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78712-1111
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