1. Purpose

This page provides samples of login banner text that conforms to the requirements set forth in policy.


2. UT Direct Example

"Unauthorized use of UT Austin computer and networking resources is prohibited. If you log on to this computer system, you acknowledge your awareness of and concurrence with the UT Austin Acceptable Use Policy. The University will prosecute violators to the full extent of the law."

3. Public Network Access (PNA) Example

Access to the University's Public Network is restricted to The University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, staff, and sponsored guests. The public Ethernet port or wireless access point that you are using requires that you authenticate in order to use the Public Network. Learn more...
Unauthorized access to University computing and network resources is prohibited. By authenticating, you agree to abide by the University's policies as shown in UT Austin Acceptable Use Policy.
You need to enable cookies and JavaScript for the pna.utexas.edu domain to use this system.

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