Security Pioneers Since 1998

The UT Austin Information Security Office helps advance the cybersecurity field and develops security products designed for higher education and governmental application that help prevent cyber attacks, protect information, and ensure the existence of a safe computing environment.

Our Services

Whether you’re a higher education institution or a government agency, our services are designed to protect and manage your information securely. 


24/7 Managed Detection & Response

Our SOC-as-a-Service offering provides a managed detection and response capability that is a proven solution and is designed with higher education and state government cybersecurity needs in mind.

Standalone Services

Security Assessments & Computer Forensics

Our range of information security expertise help discover security holes in your organization's online and physical infrastructure as well as aide in digital forensics for investigative and evidentiary purposes.

The UT ISO & SaltyCloud

Feasible Cybersecurity for Governmental Institutions Everywhere

The UT Austin Information Security Officer has exclusively licensed many of our in-house created cybersecurity products to SaltyCloud, a public benefit company dedicated to enabling cyber-secure environments:



Automatically Assess
Vulnerabilities on Web Apps


Efficiently Manage Incidents &
Consolidate System Data


Securely Share &
Store Sensitive Credentials


Quickly Identify Sensitive &
Numbers on Devices


Scalable Organization-Wide
IT Risk Assessments