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Computer Crimes Law

1. Purpose
2. Revision History
3. Approvals

Last reviewed: 06/24/2013
Last updated: 06/24/2013

1. Purpose

In 1985, a computer crimes law for the state of Texas took effect. It has been amended several times. Under this state law, it is a crime to make unauthorized use of protected computer systems or data files on computers, or to make intentionally harmful use of such computers or data files. The seriousness of such a crime ranges from Class B misdemeanor to third-degree felony.

The complete text of the computer crimes chapter of the Texas Penal Code is available at the first link below. Instructors should make sure their students are familiar with this law and the consequences of violating it.

Computer Crimes Chapter

Telecommunication Crimes Chapter

Complete Texas Penal Code

In addition to the computer and telecommunication statutes mentioned above, students, faculty and staff should also be familiar with The University of Texas at Austin Acceptable Use Policy and other IT policies on the CIO web site.

2. Revision History

Version Date New Original
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3. Approvals

Name Role Members Date
Cam Beasley Information Security Officer 05/01/2012


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