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Support Topics for Users

Support Topics for Users

Security Awareness

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Web site contains numerous resources to help increase your security awareness.

Faculty and staff, have you taken the IT Security Awareness Training compliance module?

DMCA Complaints

The Information Security Office processes DMCA complaints submitted by copyright holders. Learn more about Increasing Enforcement Activities by Copyright Holders.

The ITS Web site has a helpful article listing many legal sources of digital music, movies and other media.

Compromised Credentials

The Information Security Office and ITS have assembled information regarding what to do if any of your university credentials have been compromised.

Securing your Personal Computer

Because you have network access at a large university, how you manage your personal computer can affect the entire university community, as well as putting your personal information at risk. Many computer users do not have adequate security on their home computers, making them vulnerable to viruses and other intrusions. Below are a few simple checklists you can use to help secure your personal computer and protect your personal information.

Select your operating system from the list below, then follow the checklist to secure your computer:


Windows Vista

Windows XP

Windows 2000

Mac Operating System

Mac OS X

Mac OS 8 and 9



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